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The Largest of our Faux Fern filled bowls. The perfect pop of forever greenery


Designed and made by us in the studio in Somerset using the most realistic ferns you’ve ever seen.

Faux maidenhair fern ‘planted’ into a beautifully textured paper clay bowl and topped with lots of luscious preserved moss.

Each wibbly wobbly bowl is totally unique and handmade in India. They are very lightweight but have a stone-effect look.



Available in two sizes.

Large Fern-filled Bowl

  • As each arrangement is handmade, sizing is approximate and shades of moss may vary.


    These arrangements are not suitable for wet or moist environments as the paper clay may soften over time.


    Greenery should not be exposed to direct sunlight for prolong periods as green may fade.


    Designed for indoor use.



  • Bowl Size:  30cm diameter


    Overall arrangement size with ferns:  60cm diameter x 30cm height

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